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CosmoSet is a platform for business-process automation in enterprises, their monitoring, management and reporting. CosmoSet platform decisions create a united information space in enterprises including all the business aspects taking into consideration individual features and demands of each enterprise.

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Do not limit yourself by automation system possibilities. It should work as it is necessary for your enterprise.

❝ Our special approach to your business automation is orientation to the final result. We offer an instrument which is flexibly adjusted for the aim achievement, that is rhythmically and harmoniously working enterprise ❝

Acquaintance with the Platform

What enterprise receives in the process of design, optimization and, finally, automation of its business-process:

  • Action coordination of all its departments and divisions. All employees actions are submitted to a common goal of their enterprise activity and their clients demands service.
  • Clear employees duties subdivision in all their operations. Any task status and the person responsible for each operation are known at any time.
  • Absence of losses and information distortion.
  • The possibility of the correct organizational and personnel decision making due to extensive reporting and statistical analysis.

Not only information technologies are spoken about here, but first of all, modern technologies lowering transaction expenses in an enterprise: business process management, balanced system of indices, management of the relations with your clients – everything works for your business.

❝ Our customers estimate costs decrease at 4 – 18% and increase of the amount of sales at 10 – 30% per year ❝


Company’s process of automation, carried out after a careful analysis of all business processes, guarantees a long term positive result.

Responsibilities personification occurs: each task or process obtains a specific responsible person (manager, accountant, employee) at any stage of its realization.

Speed of data processing and making decisions process increase enormously. Necessary information receiving time is minimized, it is not delayed, distorted or lost. Transfer of the attached to the document or the process task from the executor to another occurs automatically.

Possessing of the complete dynamic data about clients allows building up effective intercourse with them, and as a result increases profits, gives possibility to increase sales and decrease costs.

This is the result of a client oriented approach in sales, effective personnel work, new possibilities of management, analysis and planning.


Completely consumed and raising calculating resources allow lowering substantially combined costs of the information systems for the company.

Scaling up capacity

An important condition of business automation is reliability and action speed. Forget about productive system limits. SosmoSet Solution allows scaling up calculating capacity distributing loads among several servers.

Growth with the company

The system evolutionizes together with the enterprise. Depending on many indices: necessity of large amount of information storing, processes complexity, analysis and planning, demands for calculating capacity rise.

Сoverage of all processes

In the production processes the tack of materials delivery in time requires plenty of amount of data processing: raw materials, spare parts etc. Calculation of the sales cycling of goods and services, warehouses filling up, stocks turn over also require long period data.

More productivity

Our solution allows our customers to increase gradually productivity in accordance with the company’s needs. Additional database servers and supplement servers united in a single structure guarantee high productivity, data safety and convenience in use.

❝ We obtained maximum flexibility in the business processes modeling, calculation, reporting and planning ❝


Enterprise demands at any stage of its life cycle are not statical: priorities change, new ones appear. The system is designed to manage your own enterprise.

Each business process, including management of documents in sequence defined by workflow technologies, undergoes several stages of automation. They are description and analysis, optimization and, finally, modeling and realization by means of the system. At our user’s disposal there is a visual resolving process system.

Using UML conception, which is a standard in the area of business processes graph modeling, we were able to simplify their designing process. The system stores current and possible conditions of each system object, possible actions in each condition and mechanisms defining the user’s rights including all these actions.

As a result, an object, which can be a task or a document, moving along the suggested routes in the system, changes depending on the business process demands, giving on employee a chance to focus on the resolving of the really important problems, dismissing routine work, sequence control and action timing.

All this, in combination with turning interface, makes personnel work highly productive and comfortable. This is how maximum effect from automation is achieved.

❝ Crossplatform allows the use of different types of devices in the process of enterprise activity. It ranges from smartphone to a computer. There is no process of installation, there are no limits or additional costs ❝


Personalized interface is created not only in the company’s departments, but also at an each separate employee level with individual responsibilities. Besides, interface possibilities allow individual creating of the unique working environment with the help of tunings and information panels (widgets).

On any device reporting data and operative analysis are represented in an easy-reading form: graphs, tables and widgets. It creates not only comfortable working environment for the company’s employees but also helps a user to detect in time potentially critical situation basing on the key indices estimation of effectiveness calculating in the real time mode.


Nowadays reporting is available at any place of our planet, on any device. Managers and directors have at their disposal process condition visualization, productive key indices monitoring, reports writing and diagrams for the clear understanding of the current situation at the enterprise. All this is the result of the planning and analytical process implementation in the specialists work on each level.

At present in the enterprises management the most important aspect is becoming in the real time mode prognosis obtaining, which is based on the analysis of the large amount of data and parameters. Analytics is losing its actuality very fast because of the changes in the suppliers and partners processes, and the situation in the market changing very quickly.

Due to the system ability to process large amounts of information, it is not necessary its subdivision into transactional and analytical parts or the use of additional analytical systems. Analytics and prognosis modeling are becoming business process parts, which is speeding up the decision making process, adaptation to the market dynamics and creating new business development using all the potential of the stored data.

❝ Reliable monitoring system allows detection of the system issues in time ❝


Actually safe system: two level ciphering, data storing only in the corporate servers, quick reserve coping. We put a lot of efforts into creating a perfect passwords scheme interacting with the means of audit and action monitoring.

In the process of installation, we define a set of measures for the resolving of the potential safety problems:

  • Servers physical safety.
  • Organization of the safe communication channels.
  • Use of the additional means of cryptographical, physical and technical safety.

All the system elements are organized the way that allows minimizing the risk of the loss or disclosure of the information, and all data remains complete and available inside the organization.

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