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The support process includes both customer’s personnel training for the work and operative change introduction. Our engineers do their job quickly and qualitatively. We instruct customer’s it-department for the non-stop system work providing, reserve data copying, safety and high speed actions.

The system support is realized by PSE department, qualified engineers under the guidance of their project manager who processes the information about your enterprise functioning features, business development prospects and who tightly cooperates with the customer’s management.

Operative and individual support gives not only an opportunity to speed up the installation process but also to release customer’s subdivision resources from administrative tasks of informational company’s space allowing them to concentrate on business demands and innovative decisions introduction.

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Our staff is a team of professionals: consultants, experts, programmers, testers, designers and managers.

❝ In the process of our work we are guided by our customers interests. Our specialists study all the details of our customers companies functioning very carefully. ❝


Company’s process of automation, carried out after a careful analysis of all business processes, guarantees a long term positive result.

  • The installation process begins with the analysis of the business processes at the enterprise.
  • The adaptation occurs, and if necessary system individual elements are developed.
  • The created system testing takes place. Customers participate directly in the control process.
  • In the cooperation with other employees working at the enterprise complete data integration for the providing of a united informational corporate space occurs.
  • If necessary, our engineers realize data transfer from other decisions for quick and efficient transference into modern decision.

We guarantee high quality and short terms of enterprises and organizations automation, provide modern and reliable support during the whole period of work of our applied decisions and programming product.


Outside server API is a lock-gate for the safe connection practically of any software. A number of functions includes data exchange and operation realization.

Integration process has become flexible and reliable. Our decisions are integrated with the accounting systems and popular ERP-systems: SAP and SCALA.

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